Frequently Asked Questions

Should I be concerned about sharks?
What if the weather is bad?
Trip Schedule?
  • Three trips per day (wheather permitting):
    1st leaving at 08h30 (meet and greet at 08:00)
  • 2nd Leaving at 10h30 (meet and greet at 10:00)
  • 3rd leaving at 12:30 (meet and greet at 12:00)
  • Check our online calendar for available dates
Do I need to be an Olympic swimmer?
I have wheels or need an extra hand?
I want to share and see but don’t want to swim?
Does size matter?

Of course, size matters! When you are acting like a fish out of water –nothing matters more than a good fit. To ensure a great experience we recommend a comfy yet snug fit!  We cater for all sizes – so, if you are small as a mouse or big as a house, round as a ball or tall as a tree – we have you covered!

Is there a discount for children?