gannets divingThe annual sardine run is a truly amazing phenomenon.

Our winter period – April to August -is marked by the annual sardine run, a truly unique experience as you observe a feeding frenzy in the ocean. From both the sky and from below, the sardines are toast…. Billions migrate along the South African shoreline in an east bound path. After spawning on the Agulhas bank, they are swept up in a cold current moving northward along the east coast of South Africa where the cold Agulhas current converges with the Warm Mozambique Current. This mass movement of sardines creates one of the most spectacular feeding frenzies, attracting a vast array of species to a small area along the South African shoreline during the winter months The presence of the sardines invites a wealth of activity and hungry ocean giants to the bay who are on their annual migration path between the Indian and Atlantic Oceans.


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